Product - performance


• Granular soil enhancer, storing water at up to 30 times of its own weight

• Arpolith granules swell as they absorb the water. Water is released again as the soil gets dryer, at the same time the granules shrink thus over the whole product life it aerates the soil, improving development of plant root systems

• Excessive Water runs through because of the sponge structure of the ARPOLITH thus avoids stagnant moisture.

The Waterstorage Granulate generating perfect grounds



The Product


Non-toxic; biologically degradable by micro-organisms in the ground within about 3 years

made of volcanic flour in combination with Sand and mineral nutrients.

Keeps its structure when exposed to salts and fertilizers, i.e. suitable for areas using water from desalination plants. This unique feature distincts it from all competitors.


Granulate Mesh Size 0 - 6 mm




The Waterstorage Granulate generating perfect grounds

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ARPOLITH. Patents and Certificates


Europe No:2209757

Australia 2008324446

Brand 302013026273

LANUV Certificate 82-02.02.02-104/13


The norm - conform Product


Only product correlating with the European Fertilizer Regulation and certified for green application by LANUV