...corporation, a young, innovative Company founded in late 2007. The involved team consists of people with versatile professional and academic back grounds - we are Farmers, Biologists, Chemists,

Gardeners and Business people. The ambition of developing products enabling an efficient utilization of water ally the team.

World wide daily water consumption is approximately 13 Billion cubic meter - with increasing tendency. Water will become more and more the most important Resource for the human beings and stays sufficiently at hands only if the Water management will be continuously improved.

ARPOLITH is one tool matching this goal because it reduces the water consumption by minimum 30% in crop, plant, flower and tree growing.

Top Priority of the team is the research and development of special products ensuring that the stored water and nutrition's will be delivered to the plant roots. Thus we created so far










The versatile applications are Landscaping, Nurseries, Sport Turfs, Horse Footings, Soils, Substrates, Reforestation and protection of precious Tree populations - the options on further applications are enormous.




Around the chimney of our site at Borken (Westphalia) we have plenty of possibilities to test our

product on the acres thus enables us to get this experiences delivered into further product developments. The office is located at Essen, in the heart of the Ruhr area, which means short distances to important suppliers and business partners such as the ARPADIS Deutschland GmbH distributing our products into the world.



We cannot save the world at all but we can be one important tool to deal with the most important resource WATER sustainable according to our motto: "Less Water - More Growth".

The Waterstorage Granulate generating perfect grounds

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