The Waterstorage Granulate generating perfect grounds

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Soccer and Landscaping


The key challenge addressed to every ground keeper - "deliver a play ground of high quality to enable players doing best performances on but this should be achieved at lowest possible invest of money and time. "

Densely rooted grass play grounds serving a high resilience guaranteeing best performance platform to players

and this combined with best water retention and permeability is achievable by applying ARPOLITH.

ARPOLITH is a natural water and nutrition reservoir. Like a sponge the Granulate stores the moisture in the soil up to 30 times of its own weight. As soon as the soil went dry the ARPOLITH supplies the stored water to the plant roots.

ARPOLITH swells whilst absorbing the water and shrinks during the delivery of the water to the plant. Based on this continuous motion during the 3 years product life time the soil gets sustainable ventilated. Thus the plant is served in best manner with air, nutrition and water. Excessive Water runs through because of the sponge structure of the ARPOLITH thus avoids stagnant moisture and wet spots on the surcface.

Besides the grassland also decorative flower plots, old aged and precious tree population on and around the site as well as growing own grass cultures is easy to equip with ARPOLITH.

For ARPOLITH application on existing turf/ lawn plots we offer the ARPOTEC for sale, rent and complete service.

The ARPOTEC is designed to apply the Granulate into the root zone of the grass - 5 - 7 cm deep line.

In addition also grass and fertilizer can be applied with this tool.

For trees and bushes the ARPOJECT is the recommended tool. The product is applied per injection lance of the ARPOJET. Also in this segment we offer the broad range from sale to complete service on your demand and choice.

Our goal and challenge: Reducing the involved maintenance expenditures conjointly with the ground keepers generated by irrigation volume minimization by using ARPOLITH on the site and thus creating more capacities on time to keep the play ground in perfect condition.





park, soccer-, sport-, and golf lawns - on the total plot as well as on wet and dry spots particulary

sod grass production and application on the site





absorbs water like a sponge and stores it 30 times of its own weight

delivers the stored water to the plant roots  when surrounding soil went dry

swelling and shrinking of the granulate loosens and ventilates the soil - the physical soil structure gets optimized that way and roots can grow stronger in this environment





artificial irrigation volumes will be reduced that way up to 50%

water is plant available whenever it is needed

even whilst very hot period the lawn stays in green condition and so honors the description GREEN

Best condition for plant growth resulting in

strong and healthy GREENS on your sport areals

more biomass