The Impact


ARPOLITH optimizes the frame conditions at indoor and outdoor riding arenas effectively, quick and sustainable.

The ARPOLITH is simply applied on top of the horse footing and mixed with the sand / footing by using the standard footing maintenance tool.

Once applied into the footing ARPOLITH stores water 30 times of its own weight, which is actively delivered into the surrounding soil when it turns to get dry. This can last and work for days.

ARPOLITH interlocks with the sand, thus the sand grains embedding the ARPOLITH, generating a homogenous footing consistence.

After a short time period the Granules are completely embedded and will work for about two years in the footing. Dust is reduced tremendously, the footing will be kept at optimum moisture, the footing gets elastic and step-proof and so the horse joints will be preserved.

Depending on the footing sand height we recommend

200 - 300 gr of ARPOLITH Horse per square meter applied into the sand.


The Waterstorage Granulate generating perfect grounds

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