Arpolith - Kitchen


ARPOLITH kitchen and home securing an optimal growth of your herbs, flowers, plants, trees and bushes. Even or especially when rain is long to wait for or you do not have sufficient time to care for irrigation. ARPOLITH the natural Water and Nutrition reservoir. ARPOLITH is a natural water and nutrition reservoir. Like a sponge the Granulate stores the moisture in the soil up to 30 times of its own weight. As soon as the soil went dry the ARPOLITH supplies the stored water to the plant roots.



Scope of application


herb garden or potted herbs inside your kitchen

omamental and economic plants

potted plants


plants and potted plants on graves

simply wherever plants should grow







ARPOLITH has to be applied into the root zone of the plant surrounding soil.Horticulture and landscaping 200 gr per square meter with standard gardening tools or ARPOTEC

Trees per ARPOJET approx. 40 gr per Liter Water






takes water like a sponge and stores it up to 30times of its own weight

delivers the stored water to the plant roots as soon as the soil went dry

swelling and shrinking of the granules loosening and ventilating the soil - thus the physical soil structure gets optimized and the roots receiving that way best conditions for growthi

reduces the freezing point of soil up to 10 degrees






reduces the efforts on irrigation up to 50%

water is permanently available for the plants, whenever the plant is in need of

strong, healthy herbs, flowers and plants

beautiful and shiny flowers

larger harvest volumes


The Waterstorage Granulate generating perfect grounds

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