The Waterstorage Granulate generating perfect grounds

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Using ARPOLITH Golf leading to high quality playgrounds such as Faiways, Greens, Semi-Roughs and additional dry and wet spots can be eliminated (also possible to apply whilst the flights running). Besides the grassland also decorative flower plots, old aged and precious tree population on and around the site as well as growing own grass cultures is easy to equip with ARPOLITH achieving best possible results.

Serving a well cultivated Golf Course for a best possible flight on it by having lowest possible cost on effort is the goal for every Greenkeeper involved. Time is the limiting and cost defining factor to run a course at high quality level.

Old and precious tree population on the site could be kept in best shape by equipping them with the ARPOJET system. The root zones of the trees will be supplied by Air, Nutrition and Water in best possible condition


ARPOJET and ARPOTEC are special designed machines to apply ARPOLITH and we offer this tools for sale and rent on your choice and demand. On top our team is at your service to to the application if you whish.

Our goal and target is minimizing conjointly with the Green keepers on the site the efforts on irrigation and this way generating more capacity for the remaining maintenance of the Golf Course.



The Product


a Granulate made of volcanic flour in combination with Sand and mineral nutrients

Non-toxic; biologically degradable by micro-organisms in the ground within about 3 years

Keeps its structure when exposed to salts and fertilizers, i.e. suitable for areas using water from desalination plants. This unique feature distincts it from all competitors.

Granulate Mesh Size 0 - 6 mm

machine applicable (lawns, trees etc.)

stays free flowing also in presence of high humiditystorage stability approx. 2 years





absorbs water like a sponge and stores it 30 times of its own weight

delivers the stored water to the plant roots  when surrounding soil went dry

swelling and shrinking of the granulate loosens and ventilates the soil - the physical soil structure gets optimized that way and roots can grow stronger in this environment





artificial irrigation volumes will be reduced

that way up to 50%

water is plant available whenever it is needed

even whilst very hot period the lawn stays in green condition and so honors the description GREEN

Best condition for plant growth resulting in

strong and healthy GREENS on your sport areals

more biomass