The Waterstorage Granulate generating perfect grounds

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Gardening and Landscaping


Time is the limiting and cost defining factor in Garden and Landscaping.


ARPOLITH Garden ensures that flowers, plants, trees and bushes emerges under optimum conditions.

Also when rain is on long time coming and you are not able to be at hundred places at the same time to ensure that plant needed moisture is in place. ARPOLITH is a natural water and nutrition reservoir. Like a sponge the Granulate stores the moisture in the soil up to 30 times of its own weight. As soon as the soil went dry the ARPOLITH supplies the stored water to the plant roots.




ARPOLITH swells whilst absorbing the water and shrinks during the delivery of the water to the plant. Based on this continuous motion during the 3 years product life time the soil gets sustainable ventilated. Thus the plant is served in best manner with air, nutrition and water. Excessive Water runs through because of the sponge structure of the ARPOLITH thus avoids stagnant moisture.

Versus all other market known water storing products ARPOLITH does not build a gel layer moving owrads the surface. ARPOLITH interlock with the soil and the plant roots are able to grow through the sponge structure of the product. This ensures that ARPOLITH stays where it is applied - in the root zone of the plants.

Interesting in respect of gardening, nurseries, planting of young trees ARPOLITH minimizes the loss of plants which is very important with regards to the supplied financial deposit to the contractors especially on public contracts..



What to do?


Just add 200 gr of ARPOLITH Garden per square meter and carve/ mix it into the soil by using a cultivator or any other kind of gardening tool.

50 gr per meter is the dosing if you plant it in a row. If single planting is the case you need two hand full of ARPOLITH mixed into a 50 cm diameter prior to putting the plant roots into the soil.

Irrigate the fresh planted area with plenty of water to ensure the ARPOLITH gets sufficient water to store.



For ARPOLITH application on existing turf plots we offer the ARPOTEC for sale, rent and complete service.

The ARPOTEC is designed to apply the Granulate into the root zone of the grass - 5 - 7 cm deep line.

In addition also grass and fertilizer can be applied with this tool.

For trees and bushes the ARPOJECT is the recommended tool. The product is applied per injection lance of the ARPOJET. Also in this segment we offer the broad range from sale to complete service on your demand and choice.



This application method is notably for applying ARPOLITH to precious old trees. The ARPOJET ventilates the over years compacted soil, crack it and supplies water loaded ARPOLITH into this zone thus the plant is supplied by Air, Nutrition and Water and so secured for years.

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