The exigencies addressed to the farmers are under continuous growth and adequately Innovation on seeds, facility optimization and improvement of seeding- and harvest machinery is required. Thus the last years shown tremendous changes in the agricultural landscape.


The extensification noun, agric a policy within the European Community by which land is farmed less intensively, with savings in expenditure balancing the loss of income from lower production was in place until 2009. But this changed based on bad harvest results, drought periods and visa versa also inundation in correlation with progress on demand for food driven by the world population growth this policy was disestablished. In contrary the renaturalisation became more and more a theme of interest. So the improvement of productive efficiency on acres became the key driver for all efforts. And precisely in this coherence ARPOLITH Farm is a proper tool to achieve this goal with its function as water and nutrition reservoir soil improver


ARPOLITH Farm is suitable for plots without artificial irrigation systems at site, enabling the plants to outlive drought periods, the water supply will be sustainable positively changed and so optimized harvest results generated and also crop failure prevented.


ARPOLITH Farm reduces irrigation volumes tremendously and generates that way savings by less water consumption and lower labour time on artificial irrigated acres. The better water management and the nutrition, mineral content of ARPOLITH Farm is the driver for optimized and bigger harvest output.


ARPOLITH Farm is highly recommend on extreme acres/ plots that do not have sufficient water retention capacities based on the poor soil quality..


ARPOLITH Farm supports the plants in best way on this plots and changing that way fallow land into a higher quality one by enlarging the humus content growth in the plot over a certain period of application and harvests.


To document this product performance we made tests on several different Maize seeds with RAGT since 2011 on acres with different soil and water retention qualities on a with and with-out ARPOLITH Farm equipped base.


The results are impressive and self explanatory especially with regards to the dosage volumes of ARPOLITH Farm per hectare which is on Maize and sugar beets max. 200 kg per hectare.

In principle dosage recommendation on ARPOLITH Farm will be always served by our team based on the local conditions - climate, crop sequences, irrigation form and volumes, soil quality!

The Waterstorage Granulate generating perfect grounds

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