The challenge for us:


protect the  joints and the respiratory system of the horses

optimize the clima conditions at indoor riding arenas

keep the footing elastic and in homogenous moisture condition (NOT WET)

safe water and secure this precious resource sustainable by using it as efficient as possible

and that way protecting also the soundness of the riders and instructors.


Das Wasserspeicher-Granulat für perfekte Böden

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Who is in motion needs Air - fresh and clean Air without dust and harmful substances!


This matters for human beings as well as for animals, especially when large scale of motion and a long period of time is involved.  Riding on Sand footings generates dust which can stress the respiratory ducts and leading to chronic disease of it.Thus the footings are regularly irrigated to avoid the dust formation.But because Sand is a poor water storage medium the footings falling quickly back into dry and dusty conditions.

The Product


Non-toxic; biologically degradable by micro-organisms in the ground within about 2 years

made of volcanic flour in combination with Sand and mineral nutrients.


Scope of application


at in- and outdoor riding arenas

eleminating wet spots

wherever a perfect and homogenous footing structure is the target and challenge


Application / Dosage


ARPOLITH Horse has to be consistently applied into the footing.

200 - 300 gr to be disseminated on top of the footing

mix/ blend it with the sand of the footing per horse footing maintenance tool

Irrigate the horse footing with sufficient volumes of water to ensure that the

ARPOLITH Horse gets the chance for saturation

straight after irrigation mainain the footing again with the tool


Function/ performance


absorbs and stores Water like a sponge up to 30 times of its own weight

delivers the stored water continuously to the surrounding sand/soil as soon as this went dry

The swelling and shrinking of the Granules ventilating the footing thus the physically structure gets optimized and

the footing turns into elastic, step- proof conditions

swampy, wet spots and complete arenas gets dry on short time straight

after ARPOLITH Horse is applied